An exciting music group has been formed at Elkanah House High School in Table View. After identifying the need for a platform for students who play an orchestral instrument to play in once they reach high school (the Elkanah House Senior Primary has an orchestra), the Symphonic Band, a recent music ensemble for Elkanah House, was formed. Several parents have already voiced their support and gratitude for this brave initiative which promises to stretch its’ members into uncharted music territory. Under the baton of Mr Byron Carr who is based at the senior primary, the band has already jumped whole-heartedly into renditions of famous jazz pieces. The Symphonic Band rehearses on Friday afternoons and comprises Rebekah Solomon on 1st Alto Saxophone, Caitlin Visser on 2nd Alto Saxophone, Elle Fan and Amy Reed on 1st Violin, Lohini Naidoo on 2nd Violin, Nuria Ribeiro on 3rd Violin, Camryn Nieustad and Isabella Mendes on the flute. The rhythm section includes Dylan Jeannes on the guitar and Elizaveta Koreleva on the piano. To complete the rhythm section of the band, Mr Carr has scouted a bassist and drummer and hopes to have them join at the next rehearsal. Adding tenor and baritone saxophones to the woodwind section of the band, and including trumpets, tenor trombones and a bass trombone is also part of the long term goal. While the band is still in its’ infancy stage the group plans to find and create performance opportunities sooner rather than later. Why crawl before you can walk? I say a slow jog builds stamina and character. The exhilarating feeling that ensemble playing brings is already being experienced by all members of the band, including the conductor. With no limit to where this new music project can go it is fitting that the first piece the Symphonic Band is learning is entitled “A Child Is Born”.  



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